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Mar 02, 2011 at 05:54 PM

Cross component handling of events - event handler method not triggered



I have components A, B and C. Component A has it's own views A_V1 and A_V2. I also have views B_V1 and C_V1.

I declare usage for B and C in A, and embed views B_V1 and C_V1 into component A.

I declare an event A_event in component A.

I also delcare usage of component A in component B, and create an event handler method in B_V1 registered to event A_event. I of course set the event A_event to interface thus becoming part of the interface controller, so I get this event via F4 when defining the event handler method event registration in B_V1.

An onaction event is triggered in component A, this event calls a component controller method to raise event A_event, however the event handler method in B_V1 does not get triggered.

Any ideas - this seems perfectly reasonable for views B_V1 and C_V1 to have event handlers registered for any events raised in A. I have created event handler methods in both view and component controller of B without success. The view B_V1 is instantiated.

Kind regards,