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Feb 11, 2011 at 01:17 PM

Non Travel Expenses workflow error


Hi ,

There is a current requirement for our client to incorporate the non-travel related expenses.

There is already a WF tat takes care of the Travel Expenses. The client wants to incorporate the non travel related expenses in the same scenario with affecting the existing WF.

The process flow for the already existing WF is as follows : The user creates a travel request and an travel request id is generated. Once the travel is done, he goes an fills up his reimbursement and that is mapped against this travel request id. The WF is triggered and this passes to a verifier and in turn passes to the approver who approves it.

The existing WF is working fine.

Now there is a requirement of incorporating non travel related expenses. For eg : Team Outing, client lunch etc etc. The client wants this also to be mapped to the given workflow scenario as that of the Travel Expenses without affecting the existing process.

The entries are made in the front end. There is a webdynpro consultant who takes care of the same. The webdynpro consultant has made changes in the portal screen to incorporate non-travel related stuff. A non-travel related request does not in essence have a trip id.So a dummy trip id is like kind of maintained to take care of the non-travel related expense.

The existing WF for travel related expenses validates whether there is any approved travel request id generated against which a travel expenses can be mapped. In the case of non-travel request, the webdynpro consultant is doing a validity check in the front end itself to see if there is a trip id present and if so only is the process continuing further.

The issue arises in the following place : When the normal scenario is run where the travel expenses is raised , the WF works correctly and it is sent to the approver without any issues.

When a non-expense related issue is raised, it goes up to the verifier but it does not reach the approver stating that No Agents found. I checked the binding and the agent assignment and whether the agent assignment was general etc.....everything was fine. I am not able to figure out what the issue is.

Is there anything tat can be tweaked in the workflow. Everything works fine in the normal expense related stuff. When a non-expense is raised, it is not able to get the agents for the approver. Is there anything that can be done from the front end of webdynpro or anything that can be tweaked in the workflow.

Please help us out on the same.

Thanks in advance for all the help.