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Feb 11, 2011 at 10:09 AM

Deprecaitiate Scrap value in an asset along with last month dep posting


Hi all,

Need your valuable inputs for concifuring the below scenario in Asset Accounting

We have a scenario where we need to depreciate the Scrap value of asset also along with Last Month Depreciation.

We have used Cut Off Key for calculating SCrap value. In this case it is 10%. For exanmple.

Asset Cost: 10000

Useful life: 10 months

Scrap: 10 %

Monthly depreciation works out to (10000-(10% of 10000) /10 (useful life) = 900

Last Month Deprecaition: 900 Regular Depreciation + 1000 Scrap

Current Deprecaition key helps to calculate 900 per month as deprecaition and also retains scrap value as 1000.

But unable to post the scrap value also as depreciation during last month deprciation posing.