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Jan 22, 2011 at 12:16 PM

AJAB : Transactions not completely periodically posted


Hi All,

During running AJAB in Production system, the error message 'Transactions not completely periodically posted' , is appearing.

When I am trying to simulate this in test system, I am getting individual list of assets and against each asset I am getting the error,

'Depreciation not posted completely'. Systems tells to do periodic posting.

When I do a ASKB, I get the error, There are no documents to process since the last run.

When I am trying to AFAR, I am getting the error

Fiscal year 2010 is already closed in Financial Accounting.

But in the year end activities, first the Financial Accounting period is closed and then AJAB , has to be run.

The last closed year as per the T093B table is 2009.

Any pointers, as to how to close the Asset Fiscal Year 2010 through AJAB??