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Aug 30, 2010 at 08:31 AM

MSDB system database on SQL Server 2005



At the moment our SBO Database files are relatively small in size (the LDF and MDF files), they are only in the MB side. Due to a sudden drastic growth in Hard Drive space used to what we have I investigated the Data folder under SQL Server. Our Data folder is on another drive (E:// Drive) and our backups on another so all the E:// Drive will have is the data for SQL Server.

I noticed under the System Databases that the msdbdata and msdblog Files (MDF and LDF) are pretty big in size (50GB / 40GB respectively), can anyone tell me how this System Database file got so big and is there a connection between these System Databases to my SBO Databases on the SQL Server.

(All SBO Databases have backup recovery as Simple and Autoshrink on, there is also a maintenance plan in place)


Kurt Walters