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Former Member
Aug 23, 2010 at 06:06 AM

SmartForms Page Number Reset


Hi Experts,

I have a problem with smartforms.

I pass two internal table to smartform like it_kna1 and it_vbrk.

now i create a loop on internal table it_kna1 and within the it_kna1 i create a loop on it_vbrk.

on the top of page i want to pring customer details and below customer's Invoice details.

when the customer change i create page break with a command.

Now i want to Print page number on every page with reset page number on customer.

if customer X invoice details cover 3 pages and then customer Y invoice details.

so the page number appear like :

Customer = X

Page: 1 of 3/ Page: 2 of 3/ Page: 3 of 3.

Customer = Y

Page: 1 of 2/ Page 1 of 2.

and so on.

anyone can solve my problem.