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Jul 23, 2010 at 04:36 PM

Hardware load balancing with BPC 7.5


Hi Experts,

We're planning to install a load balanced BPC 7.5 environment and and wondered if anyone has any step by step style pointers on how to do this. The proposed environment is as follows:

3 x integrated 32bit web/app servers, Windows 2003, load balanced using a physical / hardware load balancer (with simple round robin algorithm)

1x SQL/OLAP box, 64bit Windows 2003/SQL Server 2008

SSL is NOT required.

Having researched this on the web, we've picked up the following which we think are correct for a setting up a load balanced environment:

1. The load balancer must have a DNS address which all the servers can resolve/access

2. This address is entered into the "Virtual Web" and "Virtual App" server boxes of the Server Options screen when performing the install.

3. The load balancer should be set up to have stickyness enabled, but otherwise it simply fires incoming client requests to one of the servers depending on the algorithm set for this.

4. There is a change required to the web.config file of the Osoft website on each machine in order to ensure that the encryption keys are all the same.

Are the above correct and have we missed anything?

Better still does anyone have or know of a step by step SAP guide on how to do this, or even done it themselves and have made a step by step guide?

Any help much appreciated!

Many thanks,