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Jul 20, 2010 at 08:00 PM



Hi Gurus,

I am having a problem I can't solve with key figure 0NUMWDAY.

I have to calculate 0numwdays for each 0calmonth. 0numwday is not an attribute of 0calmonth, (in fact 0calmonth has no attributes) which is OK, because working days vary for companies, factory calendar and country holidays.

We have the routine ti get the exact number of days and working days for 0calmonth, and they go as a key figure for my Purchase Order Cube.

Now, when I create the query for amount of purchase order for a certain month, I need the working days to calculate the average.

But I get the working days summarized, when I need in fact only the working days NOT SUMMARIZED. I have tried different things, but haven't worked.

I need working days by ocalmonth, purchase doc type, position, record condition (- or +). When I define an infoobject as reference, I can only add ONE, when I need to add more!

Waiting for your help,

Kind regards!