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May 22, 2010 at 12:32 PM



Hello All,

We are doing a distributed installation of EP 7.0 Including EHP1 on RedHat Linux 5.4 with Oracle.

SCS and CI are on the Same Server and DB is on a different Server.

Currently our installation is struck in the installation of Central Instance. The database and SCS went off weel.

Now, SAP has recommeded to change the Java and try again. Could you please confirm the following:

1) As per the steps mentioned on oss note 718901 to change the javahome for configtool, sdm and visual admin. Which is the configuration file that we need to change on unix system? is it configtool.bat?

2) Also, Does changing the JAVA_HOME for CI impact the SCS which was installed earlier with a different Java release. Both SCS and CI are on the same server. Anything to be done to change the JAVA_HOME for SCS?