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Apr 30, 2010 at 02:44 PM

ELM - Special characters in List Management


I have the following two questions which are very important for business, can anyone let us know the simplest way we can workaround the following issues:

1. Special charaters to take care using UTF-8 format csv or txt files

2. Everytime correction to the file is done it cannot be uploaded or corrected to the server file for existing Lists, a new one needs to be created instead.

Details are below:

Point 1:

When we try liading special characters like in the word München it is replaced with M#nchen in the application after loading.

I think we can solve this by selecting the UTF-8 type of the csv file, has anyone done this/tried this, pls provide details.

Point 2:

In this case when a list is created & loaded and errors are encountered due to data we would like to correct the file and re-load without having to create a new list again.

Is there a possibility to correct the file and re-load it or upload it once more so that the corrected data is then available for the List to be loaded.

Please let us know the simplesrt workaround. Or let us know if we are not doing this right.