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Apr 13, 2010 at 03:31 AM

how to Take source value remove zero and use it In receiver Determination



I am working On IDOc to Soap channel.

In idoc Fields ,I am using EMPST field from IDOC and accordingly I am putting Condition in Receiver Determination.

IF EMPST 111 Then Revceive1

IF EMPST 222 Then Revceive2

IF EMPST 333 Then Revceive3

But sometimes values also Come as 000111 or 00111 or 0111 same for Others.

I have used follwong condition in Receiver Determination.

IDOC/E1EDK01/EMPST u2248 *111

But it working fime for leading zero.

But if values come as 8111 or 78111 it is also routing message to Revceive1.

same for others.

Can you plz suggest solution?