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Jan 19, 2010 at 10:22 AM

Problem with variable substitution.



I asked this before but now I want to change the question focus.

I have scenario from IDOC to XML file.

The scenario is digital invoice for our company in Mexico and I end this scenario with java mapping that I import from SAP marketplace.

Now I have request to add to the XML file name the content of the field "<ODN_NUMBER>" from the XML data.

I try to use with variables substitution.

My payload is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>


- <IDOC BEGIN="1">

- <EDI_DC40 SEGMENT="1">























- <E1EDK01 SEGMENT="1">













- <Z1EDK01 SEGMENT="1">









And the xml that I create is:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

-" version="2.0" serie="A" folio="1883" fecha="2009-11-01T17:05:10" sello="NxZCWU8hMJMi Ec2fSZafpS81Z9rUScbBotvJ8lcW76GGpmcD2lFyAV7DlNQKecYMnQJnwMVoHfGjzhpFJrjLuRcyqU3nOnH1mE1JMxY/MjLkal0Ybo2aRKCorQxx+F/Vy5ucvyeDDFAt2gx0PeHJhFS3tJ6ssc6nryz3iUr8c=" noAprobacion="49806" anoAprobacion="2009" formaDePago="Pago en una sola exhibici×£n" noCertificado="00001000000100891274" condicionesDePago="90 DAYS FROM BILL OF LADING" subTotal="4.22" descuento="3.00" motivoDescuento="Customer DiscountCustomer Discount" total="1.40" tipoDeComprobante="ingreso">

- <Emisor rfc="NMS940324RY6" nombre="Netafim Mexico S.A. de C.">

<DomicilioFiscal calle="Leibnitz" noExterior="20" noInterior="901" colonia="Anzures" localidad="Mexico city" municipio="Miguel Hidalgo" estado="Distrito Federal" pais="Mexico" codigoPostal="11590" />


- <Receptor rfc="ACH971209KRA" nombre="AGRICOLA 5 HERMANOS SA DE CV">

<Domicilio calle="JUAN DE LA BARRERA NO 1249 NORTE" localidad="COL. CHAPULTEPEC" municipio="CULIACAN" estado="Sinaloa" pais="Mexico" codigoPostal="80040" />


- <Conceptos>

I try to use with this variable:


I received in RWB the error:

Attempt to process file failed with Error during variable substitution: The following variable was not found in the message payload: var_filename

Thank you in advance for your help