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Nov 23, 2009 at 05:06 PM

Any one knows how to change "TransptnPlanng date" in delivery document?


Deal All,

Could any one provide the BAPI/FM that can change "TransptnPlanng" date/time in inbound/outbound delivery documents?

I need to update the dates only in ABAP program based on external information.

I tried WS_DELIVERY_UPDATE with the following parameters setup:

VBKOK_WA-VBELN_VL = target delivery number

VBKOK_WA-TDDAT = "12/12/2009"

VBKOK_WA-TDUHR = "12:12:12"

(for the other fields in structure VBKOK_WA, I leave them blank)

DELIVERY = target delivery number

After run the FM in test mode, no error returns but no data updated in the delivery... (dates not change)

Do I need to specify all the other fields for the delivery (like delivery date, line item details etc) even though I just want to update two fields in the header of the delivery?

Thanks & Regards,