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Oct 11, 2009 at 10:27 AM

Linking of Asset, Equipment and Material


Dear Friends

i would like to know the relation between Asset ,Equipment and Material in the context of Refurbishment process

here our client is not maintaing any material master and eqipment master for the asset , all the material worth more that

2000 USD are treated as a asset and presently the Refurbishing is carried out outside the SAP, we want map process

to SAP.

As the Asset has its value maintained in Asset master record and it carries its value , again if we creat a material master and mantain value in inventory then it means same things is valuated twice which wrong from Balance sheet point of view.

can any body sugget how exactly the linkage will be done to aviod double valuation , impact of refurbishment cost posting on depreceation value of Asset

**Please donot explain the stnadard Refurbishment process as we are fully aware of it**