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Oct 04, 2009 at 11:33 AM

Cost Carrying Over in Drop Ship Processing


Hello Experts...

When doing a drop ship sales order, this is the following situation. Item A has cost at Warehouse 01 (stock warehouse) of $400 and cost at Warehouse 03 (drop ship warehouse) of $425.

When doing a drop ship sales order, the correct cost of $400 from WH 1 is displayed initially until the WH is changed to WH 3, then it displays WH3 cost of $425. However, when the Purchase Order Confirmation Screen is displayed, the cost reverts back to $400. We have done a test 15 times in the Demo SAP B1 and even more information is not passed on using the "Copy To" function (for example, the Delivery does not pick up any costs - it is blank when processing a drop ship).

Of course it could be changed at the Purchase Order Confirmation Screen, BUT a real simple statement comes up of why does a Sales Person have to change it when the cost is in the system and is displaying correctly on the Sales Order. From a common sense perspective of financial matters and productivity, it takes the statement even further - why even put a cost on the Drop Ship Warehouse when the system does not pick it up. It gets even worse when the Gross Profit comes out to being 100%. The whole drop ship process seems to be a mystery in the SAP Documentation.

QUESTION: Is there some setting that needs to be changed so that the correct drop ship cost is carried throughout the system automatically and all of this wasted time is cut out?

The user guide published on Februrary 2009 covering this topic does not say anything about COMPLETE drop ship processing and cuts off at the display of the Purchase Order Confirmation Screen on page 6.

Thanks - Zal