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Sep 03, 2009 at 04:37 PM

upper limits


Hi all

I´m trying to run a SNP optmization, but for the first bucket period stock transfer, purchase requisition and production planned are not allowed

I´m using a time bucket profile of 3 months with 2 months display in weeks. I have a demand of 1000ST for the first bucket (first week) and the tool is suppose to plan production orders for this first period because the stock on hand in this location is bellow the demand (stock on hand < demand)

The tool is showing the followed message:

Production process model PPM_10008_1160 cannot be executed from bucket 20090831->20090906 to bucket 20090831->20090906 because the upper limit for the number of executable lots was set to 0.

How can i fix this in order to SNP optmization start planning production orders, stock transfer and purchase requisition from the first period.

For example: time needed to produce this order is less then 1 day, the planned delivery time to procure is les than 2 days (there are enought stock for the first period to use for the PPM). and the time to transport the good is 8 Hours.