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Jul 30, 2009 at 09:54 AM

Ignoring characteristics in a BPS FOX formula



I have a multiplanning area consisting of two planning areas. In the first one there are yearly data. In the second one there are monthly data. I have a FOX formula distributing the yearly data by a set of periodization keys into the planning area with monthly data.

Now we have introduced a new characteristic "Resource class" in the planning area with yearly data. It has not been added to the planning area with monthly data, as it is not relevant there.

My original assumption was that the FOX formula didn't have to be modified as "Resource class" should not be taken into consideration during the periodization. This proved to be wrong. It seems only data with no resource class are periodized. So it seems the system keeps the values of all characteristics not in the "Fields to be changed" and ignores the data if a characterstic value can't be stored in the destination planning area because the characteristic doesn't exist in that planning area. Even if the characteristic is not in the planning level.

I want data to be periodized regardless of resource class. One way to do it is to loop over all resource classes and then periodize the total value. The FOX formula is however already quite complicated. Is there a simpler way to make the system completely ignore the resource class and run the existing FOX formula with values aggregated on resource class?

Best regards,

Christoffer Owe