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Jul 20, 2009 at 09:44 PM

System copy of ABAP+JAVA using backup and restore.



We have done oracle backup and restore of ABAP+JAVA stack from PROD to QA.

ABAP is working fine, but JAVA is not starting. I have done search and found that this procedure is not recommended by SAP.

But also found few threads like Java stack does not start after system copy and some were able to fix it.

Now i can not go back and use R3load and JLOAD

I cannot find any log in sever0/log file as it is not writing to this file and i checked the configtool the server ID is copied from PRD and all the entries are pointing to PRD,

can I change the entries in configtool to point to QA? but i want to know if there are any pre-steps that i am missing and can i use same PROD serverID in QA?

I also checked the files it is pointing QA




/usr/sap/SID/DVEBMGSxx/j2ee/cluster/dispatcher/cfg/kernel/<Name of the services>.properties

/usr/sap/SID/DVEBMGSxx/j2ee/cluster/serverX/cfg/kernel/<Name of the services>.properties

Please let me know the changes to be made to start JAVA.