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Jul 16, 2009 at 11:26 PM

WD ESS customisation?



I'm customising ESS addresses screen, I'm going to add a new UI dropdown field with predefined key/values. The value selected in the dropdown UI element should get updated in the P0006 table, subtype 03 (communication).

The dropdown field is NOT added on the backend P0006. In the backend only a subtype is added for P0006. This subtype comes under communication subtype as 02 or 03. There are currently 3 subtypes(01, 02, 03), one of the subtype is called RELA(could be in 01 or 02 or 03) which is a new subtype, this is the subtype where I should now store the value from frontend UI element(dropdown that I'll be adding).

From the above documentation, it's for new infotype which requires changes in structure and BADI, do I require similiar changes for subtype as well? Also Mark's documentation is fully based on without modifing UI but in my case I think I have to add new UI dropdown element and populate with predefined values using data dictionary and then user selected value must be sent to the backend to be stored on the subtype (RELA) of infotype 6.

Please advice what is the best way to approach and get solution.