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Apr 06, 2009 at 08:02 PM

Error when generating program /SAPAPO/TSM141


Hello APO Experts!!

I have one infocube for sales history, which has one key figure that contains the sales history values.

First, I was using this key figure in one planning area. This Key Figure Semantics for Read and Write Operations was 002 = Semantics for InfoCube key figures.

Now, I had to include the same key figure in another planning area and with the same configuration Semantics = 002.

The problem is, in my DEV system, the modification was perfect. Then when I did in the QA system, I´ve got the error "Error when generating program /SAPAPO/TSM141" when trying to access the data in the planning books that are created in the first planning area.

For the second planning area, nothing happens, everything is working correctly.

Do you have any idea of what this could be?