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Mar 02, 2009 at 03:46 PM

Problem with Time Window?


Recently and for the first time in our shop I scheduled a group of scripts/chains to execute on the first Sunday of the month. This worked fine for March, however, when they were automatically submitted for the next execution they are scheduled for 11/1/2009 not 4/5/2009. November 1st, just happens to be the next time that the 1st Sunday happens to be also the 1st day of the month. Perhaps a coincidence I am not sure.

The submit definition looks like this:


Submit Frame: RW_EVERY_MONTH

Time Window OGE_FIRST_SUNDAY is defined as:

Day within the week of the month

From: First : Sunday

Until: blank : blank

No exceptions are defined.

What am I missing? Thanks is advance for any assistance.

Kind Regards,

David Carr