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Former Member
Jan 28, 2009 at 12:32 PM

Regarding STOCK TRANSPORT ORDER - (351 to 101)


Dear Freinds,

Stock transport order (STO) is created by user for 100 eas in plant 2000.

supplying plant 1000

receiving plant 2000

now goods issue against this STO has been done by supplying plant 1000 with movemen type 351 for 100 eas

but actually only 50 eas are shifted from supplyng plant 1000 to receiving plant 2000, so goods receipt document with movement type 101 for only 50 eas has been posted in plant 2000.

further recieving plant dont want to recieve the remaining 50 eas.

here the situation is that STO is in open status for 50 eas. we need to close this STO.

recieving plant dont want to recieve more quantities where as supplying plant cannot cancel the good issue document-351 for 100 eas.

how to close this STO please assist in this regards..

Thanks and Regards

Vijay Moundekar