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BUG - Error on Alert Moderator - Internal Server Error

Nov 07, 2016 at 08:02 AM


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Hi all,

I found out that when you Alert a Moderator with something like this

and press OK, you receive an "Internal server Error" (sorry, I did not take the screenshot).

When you try again to submit the alert (since i got "Internal Server Error" i do not know if my alert was raised or not), you got this strange message, pretty confusing, which i guess means the alert was already submitted (despite the Internal Server Error)

Seriously, what is "that 0"?
Now is him?

I cannot do anythig else than to try to laugh about all these bugs/flaws

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You unlocked a fatality, Simone.



So i won? the old SCN will be back than? :D

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1 Answer

Caroleigh Deneen
Nov 07, 2016 at 08:16 PM

Thank you for reporting, Simone.

I have added a link to this post to the ticket that Moshe opened regarding this, to help clarify.

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I have the same issue when alerting moderators. But if I try again it says that alert has already been created. There is no way for me to confirm that, so I can only hope this still works despite the mystery "Internal Server Error". (Is it not possible to add more information to this message? I imagine this makes troubleshooting very difficult as well.)

Moderator alerts worked just fine last week.


Sounds similar to what Jurgen reported here: He indicated the item then lands in the queue, but without the ability to take action.

Does it happen every time you alert now (since last week that is) or just certain posts?

Thank you,



Yesterday it did not happen, today I had it again


Hi Carloeigh,

sorry if i point it out again, but as, Jurgen explained in his thread, the issue is back...


Okay, thank you, let me bring this to Moshe's attention. Thank you!