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Dec 05, 2008 at 08:35 AM

Hi All, Problem with Contract Account statement creation (FPCC0002)


HI all,

I have problem in creating account statement through FPCC0002. when i run this transaction for the first time it is working fine and creating entries in DFKKCOH and DFKKCOHI . after this run i will extract all the account statement information to a flat file using the tcode FPCOPARRA mass correspondence in real print mode. the problem is when i run FPCC0002 for the second time (next day) its not processing the statement, it showing exception

*@5B@ >6 304 Correspondence creation for partner: 4000010188 account: 50000080341 contract: checked*

*@5B@ >6 58 Correspondence creation not due*

*@5B@ 00 18 COMMIT successful*

*@5B@ >6 355 Mass activity: Interval 1 from 050000080341 to 050000080341, activity type 0002 no errors*

*@5B@ >6 366 Mass activity tested for 1 cases*

*@5B@ >6 367 Mass activity for 0 cases actually carried out*

*@5B@ MASSACT 101 Selected Contract Accounts 1*

*@5B@ MASSACT 102 Processed Contract Accounts 0*

*@5B@ MASSACT 101 Exceptions 1*

i think the reason is with the due date

Correspondence creation not due

Message no. >6058


The due date determination shows that no correspondence is due. This may be for the following reasons:

Correspondence for this interval has already been created

Correspondence for the previous interval has not yet been created.


You can use the correspondence history to check which correspondence has already been created.

i don't understand the due date determination , which date it is considering as no due date is stored in correspondence tables.

can any one tell me whether i am missing any step in process or we have to suppress the CA to produce second statement

i appreciate any help on this issue ,