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May 16, 2018 at 11:22 AM

Is there any way to get the description also in excel while exporting the data from Decision table??



I have two decision table:

1)PRODUCT_MASTER with two columns Product code(element in BRF+)) and product description(element in BRF+) and storing the decision table values after activation into DDIC custom table(ZPRODUCT) with same structure with the help of application exits.

2)MATERIAL_TO_PRODUCT_MAPPING with two columns Material(DDIC binding MATNR),product code(DDIC binding ZPRODCD).I have provided DDIC binding so that it will provide F4 help automatically while creating new entry in decision table.

Data element ZPRODCD has a ZPRODUCT as a value table at domain level.

When I am creating entries in the decision table, I get the F4 help with description as well.

New entry added in table MATERIAL_TO_PRODUCT_MAPPING like below:

Material | Product Code

FG(Finished Goods) | UGH(Universal)

But when I export this table to excel, i am only getting codes not description:

Material | Product Code


I have two questions:

Is there any way to get the descriptions as well while exporting to excel??

If I add description column as well in decision table, do we have any expression or auto-derivation logic,which will populate the description corresponding to code?(Ex: when I add a new entry in MATERIAL like: COM, it will derive the MATERIAL Description Component in other column.)