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BPC EPM 10.0 - Displaying data in a report using EPMDimensionOverride

Hi BPC experts,

I would like to display rows on a report based on a member selection done on a parameter page. To do it, I use EPMDimensionOverride on the page axis report using "parameter page" as a reference in the formula.I have this kind of formula:


In the parameter central page, the user might select ID but also hierarchical levels of a member.

E.g.: For dimension "Site" he may select "OS_AA" (the base level, ID of the dimension) or "GAA" (group society, parent of "OS_AA") or even a higher hierarchical level like "EMEA".

Here is the problem. For some reason, my report filters well when I select the ID in the parameter as well as some hierarchical levels like "GAA". But for "EMEA", I have no rows displaying... I am sure that EMEA is in the H1 where I also find "GAA" in this example.

Has someone already faced this kind of issue?

Thanks in advance,


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3 Answers

  • May 16, 2018 at 09:07 PM

    Do you have the same ID (EMEA) in other dimension(s)? Have you tried EPMMemberID

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  • May 17, 2018 at 01:19 PM

    Hi Vadim, Lucas

    Thanks for your revert

    I add more details :

    Hereafter an example of selection the user has to make in the local parameter tab :

    DimensionRole to selectCC_ORIGIN_CC_Site_directorsSITE_ORIGIN_S_EMEA_AreaTIME2018.02CURRENCYLocal CurrencyIn the restitution page, he gets:

    In cell C6, the formula is the following :

    =EPMDimensionOverride("000";"SITE_ORIGIN";RECHERCHEV('Local parameter'!C4&'Local parameter'!B4;Profiles_list[[PK]:[Member]];4;FAUX))

    RECHERCHEV is the french version of VLOOKUP.

    'Local parameter'!C4&'Local parameter'!B4 gives "_S_EMEA_AreaSITE_ORIGIN". The matching for this is "EMEA" in the table "Profiles_list" which is located in another tab in the same workbook.


    You are right, I have this ID "EMEA" in another dimension. I also though it could be a problem for the EPM formula to spot what I was looking for due to potential ambiguity. But the level 1 of the hierarchy (e.g. of member : GAA) is also present in another dimension and for this, it works.

    I did not try so far EPMMemberID, I test that and go back to you :)


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    • Nothing attached...

      Sorry, but looks like it's a waste of time...

      How it's possible to help you if you don't want to provide full and clear info?

      In general if you have some issue - then it's a bad idea to show this issue on the complex report!

      Create a simple test report to illustrate your issue and post it.

  • May 16, 2018 at 07:34 PM

    Sorry, but your requirements are not clear. Add screenshots and details!

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