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Oct 14, 2008 at 10:53 AM

Allocation of Sales and Expenditure Accounts to Profit Center.



I had earlier posted a question on how to allocate a BP to a Profit center:


Is it possible to allocate a BP to one or more Profit centers when creating a BP Master in SAP;such that, on creation of a marketing document the Profit center is directly picked up instead of selecting it.

Please comment.


The answer which solved it is :

Projects can be associated with a Business Partner in the Master data definition but not Profit Center.

Profit Center have associated distribution rules and are linked to G/L account or a transaction at the row level.

You could do this. Create a UDF in the BP Master to enter the profit Center information.

In the Sales Order the Profit Center field create a Formatted Search to pull the Profit Center from the BP Master UDF

Example: Let us say your Profit Center User field on the BP Master is called U_PC

then your Formatted Search on the Marketing document would be

SELECT T0.U_PC FROM [dbo].[OCRD] T0 WHERE T0.CardCode = $[$4.0.0]

Set it to Auto Refresh on Item Code ....check Display Saved Values

If you want 2 Profit Centers on the BP Master and the user would select it in the Marketing document then let us presume your UDF's are U_PC1 and U_PC2,

the FMS would be

SELECT T0.U_PC1 FROM [dbo].[OCRD] T0 WHERE T0.CardCode = $[$4.0.0]


SELECT T0.U_PC2 FROM [dbo].[OCRD] T0 WHERE T0.CardCode = $[$4.0.0]


Now, since the BP has already been allocated to the profit center anytime a service type credit note is passed which links to a Liability or an "Other" Account type, the profit center still gets allocated.

Can I make any changes to the query such that only Sales or Expenditure account could be allocated to the BP, and any other account if tagged the entry is not tagged with a profit center.

Please advise.

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