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Configurable Material in Sales Order - TAB - individual purchase order

Mar 14 at 11:33 AM


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Dear Community,

At creating a Sales Order, at selling “trading goods” the user indicates the material and which way will be sold, purchased and delivered indicating manually an item position “3rd-party” (TAS) or an “individual purchase order” (TAB).

Some of the materials my client sells are “configurable trading goods” – for these particular materials some characteristics are mandatory to be populated in the sales order.

To arrange this:

  • 1)We copied a TAS and made it configurable (ZTCS)
  • 2)We copied a TAB and made it configurable (ZTCB)

  • 3)We indicate in material master data the strategy group “Z3” which basically makes the configuration mandatory

We got what we expected in the “TAS” case… (as you see, the characteristics are opened)...

… but not in the “TAB” case (same material, characteristics unable to edit, thus the sales order is incomplete)...

Thanks for your help,

1-ztab.png (28.3 kB)
2-ztab.png (223.7 kB)
3a-ztab.png (107.0 kB)
3-ztab.png (114.4 kB)
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Kivanc Bilgin Mar 14 at 12:29 PM

Are you sure that requiremens type for both items are the same in these sales orders?

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I guess so... as far as I know, the requirement type is linked with the "strategy group" (MRP3 view) ... and as I am using same material / same plant, the requirement should be the same...

Do you agree?

Thanks for your feed back Kivanc


Hi David,

Are you sure or are you just guessing? Why not double check from the procurement tab in the sales order?

Strategy group has an effect on requirement class, that is correct - but item category and MRP type of the material does have an effect as well. So please check whether the requirements classes are the same, and if they are not, have a look at customizing view V_TVEPZ_V to check your assignments.


You were completely right. I have to check exactly what is that is changing my "Z3" strategy to "KEB" (ind. PO) = most probably the item cat.

Gonna check and let you know.

Great help.


The "Z3" strategy was changed due to the item category to KEB.

Solved! - thanks for your help again.


Good to hear that your problem is solved, cheers.