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Maintenance Planner: Generate XML for SolMan 7.1 sps16


I have a SolMan 7.1 system, and I need to apply a Support Package Stack update to it. Yes, I know that 7.1 went out of mainstream maintenance as of almost two months ago. Yes, I know that the recommendation is to upgrade to 7.2, and eventually we'll get there. However, that's a fairly intensive operation, involving acquiring new hardware, performing a dual-stack split, then independent ABAP and Java upgrades... you get the picture. I'm under the gun and will have to defer that for the time being.

So, I figured I could "buy some time" by at least getting my 7.1 system on the last sp stack, 16, which was just released in December. No new hardware, no split, and a less-intensive operation than a full upgrade.

But there's a problem! Maintenance Planner will not allow me to create a plan, and related stack XML file, for anything less than the full upgrade. This seems rather silly, given that sps16 was only released two weeks before the end-of-maintenance.

I know you're all going to advise me to skip the sps update and go for the full upgrade, but I'm going to respond up front that I do not have time for that -- I am a one-man Basis team, and I have a lot of projects that are rapidly getting behind schedule -- so I need an alternative path.

Is there a way to put Maintenance Planner into some kind of "expert" mode that will allow planning for out-of-maintenance releases? Or would going back to the long-desupported and absolutely horrible MOpz be the only way to do that? Egads, that might be worse than taking on the upgrade. What are the risks if I perform the ABAP update via SPAM without an XML file, and the Java update via SUM using "manually prepared directory"? After all, it's not difficult to determine exactly which support pack and Java files are required to match the sp stack.

Bartosz, I'm sure you have some trick up your sleeve for situations like this. Share! :)


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5 Answers

  • Mar 14, 2018 at 07:18 AM

    Hi Matt,

    perhaps you can open an incident on component XX-SER-REL and explain your situation. Maybe the colleagues of this department will discuss your special case internally and make an exception and a kind of temporary release. I do not know, but give it a try as well.


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    • Thanks, Andreas, and coming from you gives me some hope that such a course of action might work.

      For the moment, however, I think I've managed to find a way forward without updating SolMan (yet). Basically, by applying some Notes in my source systems, and making a few adjustments in LMDB, it looks like I can improve the quality of the data being sent up to Maintenance Planner enough so that I can move forward on my high priority projects. It's not working perfectly yet, but I think I can get by, and this will give me some breathing room to plan a SolMan upgrade to 7.2 later in the year, which I'm pretty sure we can all agree is a preferred course of action. So, I'll hold off for now on pleading "special circumstances" to obtain an exception.

      Hmm. "Special Circumstances." Wasn't that the name of the shadowy secret organization under the "Contact" division in the Iain M Banks "Culture" novels? Yes, I believe it was. ;)

  • Feb 28, 2018 at 09:54 AM

    Hello Matt!

    Firstly, I would like to say that you should always use the latest Solution Manager and in your case, the recommendation is to upgrade the system to the 7.2 release. (sorry, I couldn't resist)

    I had a look into my landscape (yes, I also have SM7.1) and I tried to run Maintenance Planner to generate the stack.xml for the update, but exactly as in your case I could only upgrade to SM7.2.

    In my opinion, SAP disabled the update option on purpose to encourage people to upgrade their SMs to 7.2. I would raise a ticket as I'm pretty sure there is a magic tick somewhere in the backend saying "Allow the update".

    But I would be careful with the update to the latest Support Package available. As the SM71 is now out-of-maintenance doesn't that mean SAP won't fix any bugs you encounter? If you don't have problems with your current installation I would just upgrade the CR content (or use SP15 where all the bugs should have respective notes)

    I don't like to use the manual calculation of the queue, but when I entered to Software Downloads -> Support Packages -> Solution Manager -> Older versions -> Support Package Stack download it redirected me to this old page, where you could see all components of each SP. If you have some time I believe that could be the way to go without contacting SAP Support - especially that there is even a button Generate Stack XML, so the packages should be consistent.

    Good luck!

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    • I also had a problem with re-verification from time to time, but usually after processing the correction stack.xml it works fine.

      Maybe there is a different issue in your landscape - are you sure your components are updated in SLD/LMDB after processing the stack.xml?

      BTW. It's confirmed, you should use this old tool to get the stack.xml for SM71.

  • Mar 12, 2018 at 10:21 PM

    Solution Manager 7.1 is out of maintenance, the Maintenance Planner will not allow the planning to a target that is not in maintenance.


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    • That much is clear (it was the second sentence in my problem statement). However, it doesn't help me with this issue! Indeed, providing an entire support package stack for an application release with a narrow two-week window during which it could possibly be downloaded and installed is sort of silly, no?

      So, for now, I'm finding other ways to solve my problem that do not involve updating SolMan at all. I'll upgrade it eventually, but as I pointed out, with tightly scheduled projects that provide actual business value, I cannot justify the time for doing it right now, nor could I at pretty much any point last year.

  • Mar 13, 2018 at 05:28 AM

    Hi Sir Matt Fraser

    Please check Sir Bartosz Jarkowski answer in my Q&A-

    Sir Bartosz gave me two options which are:

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    • Hello Michael,

      Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, this isn't the question I had. This isn't about MOpz, which has been retired for sometime -- we have been using Maintenance Planner for a while now. This is about planning a stack XML in Maintenance Planner for a software version that has gone out of maintenance (recently). Our system data is already populating in Maintenance Planner, so we don't need to generate a system XML file from SPAM and upload it.


  • Mar 14, 2018 at 04:49 PM

    Hello Matt Fraser,

    SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is the way to go now but I respect the situation as basis guy :)

    Only alternative you have is - to find someone who already running SAP Solution manager 7.1 with SPS16 and match with their software components.

    Download them one by one manually and apply through SPAM and JSMP :(

    Feel free to shout back if you have any other question.



    PS: If you have any issue with application SAP will not support it :( :(

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