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Missing SAPEXE and SAPEXEDB during installing Netweaver 7.5

Hello experts,

Now I install Netweaver 7.5 on Server . The installation is blocked by missing SAPEXE.sar file i have downloaded multiple file but no luck.

download file details






i am checking the prerequisites before installation NW 7.5 and PI server.

but its not getting Sapexe.sar file always its showing still missing.

please provide the possible solution.

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3 Answers

  • Feb 27, 2018 at 11:51 AM

    You need to pay attention to download the correct SAPEXE and SAPEXEDB for your operating system and database. Both files should be on the same patch level (that's the value after _, for example SAPEXEDB_401-70001661.SAR).

    Please also post the print screen where you enter the parameters.

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  • Mar 05, 2018 at 03:45 PM
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  • Mar 05, 2018 at 05:00 PM


    You're all over the map with your kernel packages. First off, for an installation, you need to start with the full kernel installation DVD image for your platform, not with the individual SAPEXE and SAPEXEDB packages. You'll use those to update the kernel to latest compatible release and patch level, but you still need the full DVD for installation.

    I'm guessing, from the packages you mention, that your platform is Windows, so most likely the DVD image you need is 51050826_10 (SAP Kernel 7.45 Windows Server on x64 64bit - NW 7.5). However, if you carefully read the installation guide for your application, it should tell you precisely which DVD image to download.

    As for the patches you mention... wow. Only the SAPEXEDB-401_70001661 is current, pl401 for 7.49 for Windows and MaxDB. Assuming that Windows and MaxDB is your platform, you would need to match that with the appropriate SAPEXE-401_7000166x package as well.

    Instead, you mention some very old patch levels. SAPEXE-10_70001664 is the Windows package for pl10 of the 7.49 kernel, way too old, and absolutely you cannot install with that. SAPEXE-10_80002612 is the 7.53 kernel, and you can't use that unless you're installing S/4HANA or ABAP 7.51 or higher. For NetWeaver 7.5, you need to stick to the 7.49 kernel.

    I don't even know what the others are. Very old kernel releases? Non-Windows, or not 64-bit, or not Unicode? I gave up trying to find them, but I can guarantee you this: they are not correct for NetWeaver 7.5 on Windows/MaxDB.

    Please go back to your installation guides and read them carefully.


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    • Ah, yes, that's true! But the DVD is the 'safe' way to ensure you aren't missing anything (otherwise, there's, what, five different archives required?). Plus, if I recall correctly, SWPM now lets you add the updated patch files on top of the DVD, doesn't it? So you can still install immediately with the updated kernel. Perhaps I'm misremembering and crossing two different processes, however.

      In any case, using the DVD image would have helped the OP to avoid this issue of having a mismatch of unrelated and missing archives as he describes here. Yeah, he'd have been a bit behind on patches, but it would be consistent.