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Process after doing Good return in SAP B1

Feb 23 at 05:16 PM


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After performing the good return for a certain item is the process completed or Is there any further process?

If yes, kindly provide me details along with JE entries for my understanding.

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3 Answers

Nagarajan K Feb 24 at 08:16 AM


Further processing depending upon your setup under Document settings-->Per Document-->Purchase order-->Reopen Doc. by Creating Returns/Goods Returns/Credit Memos Based on Doc.

1. If above check is selected, the purchase order will open for you to receive goods again from your vendor.

2. If not selected, no further process is required.



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Former Member Feb 26 at 11:33 AM


First there are two different types of Goods return in SAP B1.

  1. Purchase Return
  2. Sales Return.

Scenario 1. Purchase Return

In Purchase return you send the goods, partially or fully, you’ve purchased. If it’s not invoiced then only Goods Return document needs to be used or else it its invoiced then, you need to do AP credit memo first the total value of the return goods.

Example 1

Purchased Quantity = 10

Price = Rs. 10

Total Value = 10 x 10 = Rs. 100

For the above transaction you post a GRPO which has a corresponding JE:

Out of this if you want to return 5 later then you can post Goods Return document for the received amount. The JE corresponding to that will be:

Now this is assuming you've still not invoiced the purchase. In that case you have to post AP Credit Memo. The corresponding JE would be:

As Nagarajan mentioned above, if you have configured Document settings as he has said, then the base document, in this case PO will be reopened. That is if you follow PO → GRPO → AP Invoice Purchase cycle.

Scenario 2. Sales Return.

Taking the same data values as above, first delivery document for 5 quantity will post corresponding JE:

Then if the customer returns 2, the Sales Return document needs to be posted. This will have the corresponding JE.

Now you invoiced the Customer for goods sold, then JE would be as follows when goods return happens for quantity 2.

Now this is part of basic SAP B1 sales cycle.

Apart from this there are various other scenarios; when there is a FEx or inventory valuation change between goods movement.In which case there might be more JE that'll be passed. Let me know what's your exact requirements.

With Krgds


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DEEPAK RAMESAN Feb 27 at 10:40 AM

Thanks for the details answer.

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