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Replicate Sales Orders from S/4 Hana to C4C, 'Confirm Customer Order Replication to S/4' iflow Error

Feb 23 at 12:29 AM


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Hello SAP Community!

We are troubleshooting the 'Replicate Sales Orders from S/4 Hana to C4C' scenario through HCI.

The Sales Order Replication from S/4 Hana to C4C works, the issue is the Confirmation after the Sales Order Replication process in C4C. After the Sales Order Replication, C4C sends a confirmation to HCI, this confirmation is raising an exception in C4C and HCI.


*Here you can see the error in the 'Confirm Customer Order Replication to SAP Business Suite' iflow.

[Inbound processing in endpoint at /C4C/S4/SalesOrderConfirmationOut failed with message "Fault:Message part {}CreateSequence was not recognized. (Does it exist in service WSDL?)"]


*Here you can see how the replication received successfully, then the confirmation was sent successfully too and after this an exception was raised.


*Here you can see the error detail

According to the error in HCI and C4C We are thinking that maybe the issue its around the Inbound IDoc in S4, but still troubleshooting and checking the config.

*this is the config in the we20 trx


Could you provide any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

hci.jpg (165.4 kB)
c4c.jpg (248.4 kB)
we20.jpg (206.5 kB)
c4c.jpg (377.6 kB)
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Shivanand Hangaragi
Feb 23 at 02:34 AM

Dear Juan,

Please refer this SAP KBA.

It seems that there is a mismatch of Application Protocols between C4C and HCI. Kindly edit your Communication System in C4C, and change the preferred application protocol to 5 - Web Service, and save.

Then kindly save and reactivate all of the corresponding communication arrangements for this communication system. Rerun the scenario.


Shivanand B H

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Thanks for feedback!

The note corrects the problem :), you have to reactivate all the corresponding CA.

*After this issue, we are having another communication issue, if you can take a look here you are: