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Jul 02, 2008 at 03:51 AM

Account Assignment PO


Message no. ME045


Comparison of the field selection strings from G/L account 400000 and the account assignment category K revels that there is an incompatible combination of field selection for the field selection group “EARMARKED FUNDS”

The G/L account field selection is stored in table T004F; that for the account assignment is stored in table T162K.


Enter correct G/L account

For this

1. FS00 : For G/L account 40000 in bank/xxx/ I have not selected the fields post automatically & supplement auto postings if select these i am not able to save, i am getting error

" Field account number value 40000(my G/L a/c) not allowed"

WARNING: you are changing the permitted postings to this account

data contain error you cannot save

2. OME9: In this Tcode I am unable to find the u201CEARMARKED FUNDSu201D to correct the error

3. OBC4: In this I have tried all the 3 options (Mandatory, Optional, Required), then also I am unable to process account assignment PO

4. OBD4: For INT (chart of accounts) I have tried .

I have tried all the options above as suggested by some of SAP experts, still I am unable to solve the problem, So can anyone please help in this.

Thanks in advance