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Lots of Duplicate PO in MD04

Jan 31 at 11:44 AM


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Hello Expert,

We are seeing lots of duplicate line item in MD04as shown in below screen shot.

Could any please help on this?



issue.png (38.3 kB)
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2 Answers

Jürgen L
Jan 31 at 11:59 AM

how can an item 290 be a duplicate to item 060?

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Thanks for having look.

Here the shipment is coming against PO 64337 which should not appear. how to resolve this? please help.

We have also checked OPPJ tcode, there shipment option as well is unchecked.




my reply was based on your first circled order. This is certainly no duplicate, you just have the same material multiple times in the same order.

And for your second circled PO you should post a screenshot of your purchase order item detail confirmation tab


Hi sir,

In similar to that, PO raised for Quantity 1 and the confirmation is also done for 1 quantity for the Line 190 as shown in Pic. After confirmation MD04 should show only Shipment line but in our case MD04 showing shipment alongh with PO line. Please have a look on attachments.

And revert with your suggestion ASAP.

Thank you

md04issue1.jpg (94.1 kB)
md04issue2.jpg (90.9 kB)

The PO screen shot is taken its after inbound delivery. please find the attachment.

Due to PO after completion of confirmation the MD04 is effected in Available quantity coloumn.

md04issue3.jpg (100.5 kB)
Jürgen L
Apr 06 at 09:34 AM

Please see OSS note 451060 - Changes in connection with confirmation control

It looks like the customizing was changed in the middle of operation which lead to inconsistencies.

The OSS note explains the logic in which cases POItem is displayed beside of ShpgNt

Another OSS notes informs about correction reports: 2044484 - Troubleshoot to EKET, EKES, EKBE table inconsistencies

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