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Mar 04, 2008 at 06:36 PM

Combine Subreport Parameter Prompt


Post Author: Leanne

CA Forum: General

Good morning,

I have a report with multiple subreports that print based on the main report parameters. For instance, one subreport will print if the main report references a Project ID, in which case the other subreport (based on EnrollmentID) will be suppressed.

The two subreports have similar information based off of different tables and as such have two parameters that are identical. The two parameters are a type of currency and simply print values on the report.

My question is, how do I 'combine' the parameters that are the same so the user is prompted only once for the value?

The strange thing is I've done this before - even had it working on this report last year, however am now adding another currency field and the parameters are appearing twice in the list. I have a screen shot of the parameter prompt if you'd like to see what I'm referring to.

The parameters on both subreports are named identical and the Parameter description is identical. How can I combine these parameters to result in the user being prompted only once?

Thanks so much for your help!