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Multi Tenant Options for HYBRIS marketing

We have the scenerio to have mutliple instances in one Hybris Marketing System. Is it Possible to have a multiple instances to be used by multiple markteing teams with only one Hybris Marketing system installed. Is this scenerio works with Hybris Marketing without data and fields duplication in all instances.

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2 Answers

  • Jan 09, 2018 at 12:08 PM

    Hello Thirupaty,

    As per my knowledge, what you are asking is Hybris Multi-Instance in 'Hybris Marketing OnPremise', where you want multiple client/instance of it which is not possible!

    But Co-deployment is possible in Hybris Marketing.

    Please read the blog on Landscape Deployment Recommendations for SAP Hybris Marketing.

    I hope it answers your query.


    Kunal Bansal

    Hybris Marketing

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  • Jan 10, 2018 at 01:40 PM

    Hi Kunal,

    well, not sure what exactly you want to achieve. However

    OnPrem: If you setup different clients in OnPrem you're running like multiple strictly separated yMKT instances on one physical installations. -> All application data and most of the configuration data have to be maintained client dependent. Ie. if the same customer is known to different marketing team it'd be created multiple times (as application data is client dependent).

    PublicCloud: There is no client concept as in OnPrem, only similar approach would be additional test/ productive tenants (at extra costs) and each team works on it's individual tenant.

    Neither of above approaches is really recommended.

    Alternative solution (from Public Cloud 1802, OnPrem 1709SP1 (Q1/2018 available)) - > work with the so-called "marketing area" as additional dimension/ attribute to contacts and other data objects to control teams access to data.



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    • Hi Thiru,


      Hybris Marketing Public Cloud: We're working on enabling multi-tenancy. I cannot mention a release to customer date yet.

      Hybris Marketing OnPrem: Multi-client set-up would be the equivalent to the multi tenancy set-up in public cloud. This works with the limitations/ considerations outlined previously. This won't change anymore respectively no further developments will be made to change this architecture fundamentaly.

      In both deployment options I'd first check if with the new marketing area functionality the desired functionality/ business unit separation could be achieved.