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inspection specification flow from sales order in variant configuration

Hi Expert,

We have a requirement that characteristics mentioned in sales order need to flow to the inspection lot for results recording. As we checked the specifications are not flowing properly. Can you please help on this.

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  • If you want answers on this, you need to provide some additional info. What have you set up? What have you done? Have you done this before? Did you read all the help file? Did you search for informational blogs on this? etc. etc. etc..

    Also, the tag for SAP Data Quality Management is not correct for this.

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    Hi Craig,

    Thanks for your reply. I have checked all the SAP solution available . According to the solutions provided i have configured this.My customer requirement is to flow the characteristic value from sales order to inspection lot according to the variants used.

    Please check the below steps i have followed and the result. Please help on this issue.

    Step-1 : i have created a class characteristic as Arm_Resistance with having the value <= 14.5 and the same i have assigned to a MIC and the data also updated as upper

    specification limit as 14.5.

    Step-2: updated the characteristic value as my requirement is the value should be less than or equal to 14.5.

    Step-3: Assigned the class characteristics to MIC and the control indicator updated correct as reqd.(Upper specific limit)

    Step-4 : Assigned the MIC in inspection plan. The upper limit value also updated proper.

    Step-5: Created a variant table and assigned the characteristic and updated the value.

    Step-6: Have updated the variant dependency.

    Step-7:The same value updated in variant table also updated in sales order and production order.

    Step-8: When the inspection lot get created after GR of the production order the upper specification limit is getting modified into lower specification and upper specification. Which is wrong.

    Please let me know if any corrections required in setting.

    With Regards


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