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Error while importing crystal report

Jan 09 at 01:01 PM


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I am trying to import crystal report using SDK.

I am getting following error.

System.Runtime.InteropServices.SEHException was caught
  Message=External component has thrown an exception.

Code is below.

ReportLayoutsService oLayoutService = (ReportLayoutsService)oCompany.GetCompanyService().GetBusinessService(SAPbobsCOM.ServiceTypes.ReportLayoutsService);
ReportLayout oReport = (ReportLayout)oLayoutService.GetDataInterface(ReportLayoutsServiceDataInterfaces.rlsdiReportLayout);

            oReport.Name = ReportName;
            oReport.TypeCode = "RCRI";
            oReport.Author = oCompany.UserName;
            oReport.Category = ReportLayoutCategoryEnum.rlcCrystal;

            string newReportCode;
                ReportLayoutParams oNewReportParams = oLayoutService.AddReportLayoutToMenu(oReport,MenuID);  //Error is on this line

                newReportCode = oNewReportParams.LayoutCode;

Awaiting for your reply.


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1 Answer

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Former Member Jan 10 at 09:07 PM


A mi también me esta sucediendo lo mismo, lo curioso es que es a partir de la versión 9.2 PL 08. Esta mismo proceso lo venia ejecutando en la versión 9.2 PL07 y no presentaba problemas.

Que versión utilizas tu?.


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Hi Jorge,

I am using SAP B1 9.3 PL00.

It was working when I was using 9.2 version but after upgrading to 9.3 PL00 same code is giving error.

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Hi saurabh.

I wanted to tell you that I solved the problem.

What I did was incorporate an initial function in which I consulted first if the report was already registered in the database. If it exists, I delete it first before uploading the report again.

In my case, I want the current format to be the one I upload, so I have no problem removing it and uploading it again.

Tell me if this solution works for you.