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Not to use CKMLCP from a specific period

Dec 26, 2017 at 01:49 PM


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Hi Team,

From certain period we are using CKMLCP transaction. Due to some operational issues, we are thinking, not to use CKMLCP. In such case, Can we post ML postings to a specific ledger group? i have tried to check in Document type level, which is no option.Is there any other feasibility. and what are the implications, if we won't run CKMLCP from a specific period onwards.

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2 Answers

KK Lam Dec 27, 2017 at 02:34 AM


If you want to post to specific ledger group. you can try CKMLCPAVR. This is because CKMLCPAVR alternative valuation run is for one or more of the following purposes:

  • Cumulation over several periods
  • Valuation according to different accounting principles (IAS, US-GAAP, HGB and so on).
  • Valuation using prices that are different to those normally used

CKMLCP is for actual costing. If you didn't run it for sequence month then you won't get actual costing for your reporting.


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Hello KK Lam,

If we wont run CKMLCP, instead we use CK40N from next period onward is int their any limitation or show ristriction in shifting to Plan costing run from actual Costing...

And how we construct the parallel ledger for parallel inventory valuation, please elaborate in detail.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Muhammad,

CKMLCP is for actual costing while CK40N is for standard costing. Both for different objective.

And for different accounting principles valuation you need to run CKMLCPAVR


Muhammad Usman Akram Jan 16 at 05:33 AM

As Mr. KK Lam said. CKMLCP is used for periodic actual costing run and for AVR.(Alternative Valuation Run)

with the help of AVR you can do the following

  • calculate actual costing run for longer periods which helps in seasonable price variance for a longer period of time
  • and its helps you in calculation of actual costing run against differet accounting principals like IFRS and GAAP etc.

if you are not using CKMLCP then you will not be able to get the actual results neither you will be able to use AVR


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