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Mar 28, 2008 at 12:44 PM

Enhancing Views and Creating new views in IC WebClient


I've been watching several threads and have reviewed much of the cookbooks, rkt material etc. I'm still looking for some clear cut steps on how to do the following. If anyone has some step-by-step examples or is willing to put someting together I'd be very grateful.

Here are the 2 scenarios:

1). I need to add my own custom view to the factsheet. This view needs to extract data from ERP via RFC. There is currently no BOL and GenIL layer for this data. I'm looking for a step-by-step example, perhaps assume we are trying to get SFLIGHT data from ERP, that leads me thru what has to happen for GenIL/BOL layers as well as creating the view, inbound/outbound plugs etc.. basically a start to finish comprehensive example.

2). The second scenario is trying to enhance an existing view. Perhaps 90% of the view is "ok", but we need to call an RFC in ERP to retrieve a few addl pieces of data. In this scenario what specifically needs to be extended, where do we put the RFC call, etc. It seems most example talk about using the EEWB, but that seems more for extending a table correct?


Pam Crissman