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Valid attribute checkbox in SAP IBP

Dec 08, 2017 at 10:01 AM


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Hello Experts,

One small query regarding the Valid attribute in the Master data types in IBP. In MDTs - Location, Customer and Product we have the attributes LOCVALID, CUSTVALID and PRDVALID respectively. What should the the desired value of this 'X' or Blank?

Does 'X' - means valid and Blank means not valid? If its is Blank then will it not be considered for planning purpose. I want to know the impact of the VALID attribute. I checked in the Sample data in the IBP best practice- for some MDT it is 'X' and for some it is Blank - a bit confusing.

What is the impact of the LOCVALID, CUSTVALID and PRDVALID attribute and what should be the desired values?



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Ankur Patel Dec 21, 2017 at 02:55 PM

Hi Basu

Valid value is "X" and if it is blank it won't consider in planning run. You can test it yourself by have both situations and compare the results.



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Hi Ankur,

I updated the Master data with 'X' checkbox. But the combinations without 'X' is also considered for planning.

I am a bit confused about the usability of this 'X' field.