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Feb 13, 2008 at 06:37 AM

SAP Web AS Connection test error from EP to BW



I am getting a connection test error for BW system created in NW04s EP 7.

I am in the process of integrating BW with EP as per the SAP documention.

As per the documentation I have created BW system and alias in EP and export / import

of certification in EP & BW is done. BW profile parameters also adjusted for single sign on.

The web as ping service is active and am able to pint manualy.

Please provide me some idea on this issue.

SAP Web AS Connection

Test Details:

The test consists of the following steps:

1. Checks the validity of system ID in the system object.

2. Checks if the system can be retrieved from the PCD.

3. Check whether a SAP system is defined in the system object

4. Validate the following parameters: WAS protocol; WAS host name

5. Checks if the host name of the server can be resolved.

6. Pings the server to see if it is alive.

7. Pings the WAS ping service; works only if the service is activated on the ABAP WAS.

8. Checks HTTP/S connectivity to the defined back-end application


1. The system ID is valid

2. The system was retrieved.

3. The system object represents an SAP system

4. The following parameters are valid: Web AS Protocol (http) Web AS Host Name (

5. The host name was resolved successfully.

6. The server was pinged successfully.

7. The Web AS ping service was not pinged successfully. If the ping service is not activated on the Web AS, you can try to call the ping service manually.

8. An HTTP/S connection to was not obtained successfully; this might be due to a closed port on the Firewall.