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Feb 06, 2008 at 08:28 AM

how to avoid po item text printing multiple times in main window


Hi Experts,

I have a issue with PO item text printing multiple times in main window area of the script while outputing the PO Order data.

that text shoulb be displayed only once in a page,but it is prinitng severval times


This Po Item text is coming from 2 Stanard text incudes which are in PO item text of

PO Tcodes (ME23)

by using read_text FM text is coming to script by mentioning the path of incude in script in an element of the main window

in my scenarion while printing PO Ordere Output is in 5 pages ,in 1 page some item data is there in that Page it is printed once only ,but from second page onwards this text is printing several times in main window area,here no data for item details

but total pages of the layout set is 2 only

how to avoid this issue ?

Thanks in advance .