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Jan 18, 2008 at 06:07 AM



Hi gurus,

I have a question.

Suppose I am procuring from two vendors, one normal and another SSI (reduced rate, say 50% of normal excise).

As I understand that in TAXINJ, I have maintained 16% as excise rate in J1ID. Along with that I maintain the plant excise indicator (1), vendor excise indicator( 1 for normal vendor and 2 for SSI vendor) and the plant-vendor combined excise indicators.

Based on the excise rate (!6 %) and the combine indicators system would determine 16 % rate for normal vendor and 8 % rate (50 % of 16%) for the SSI vendor.

When I come to TAXINN , I am maintaining condition record in FV11: JMOP =16% and JMX1 =100% for normal vendor and JMOP =8% and JMX1 =100%for SSI vendor.

Do I need to maintain the vendor , plant and combined excise indicators in this case ? If yes, then why ?