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Jan 14, 2008 at 09:02 PM

Auto-reaction method working, but email going out is delayed


We have ECC 6.0/NW7.0 (SP 13), and have an email auto-reaction method set up for whenever ST22 Dumps occur. It appears to work okay, except that the email going out to the distribution list (via SCOT) is delayed by the "message from the application" (this is the information I get from SCOT in Client 000), and thus the email is not going out for 7 hours after the dump occurs.

1. What application could this information box be referring to (SAPMSSY8?)?

2. How do I get the email to get sent out within a few minutes (10) from the time that the ABAP Dump occurs

This worked, I believe, prior to SP13 being implemented.

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