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Using the API, What are the best practices for accessing a cluster by the cluster name?

Oct 10, 2017 at 06:34 PM


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We have a WIN2016 Cluster of three BOBJ 4.1 SP10 machines.

Our users access the Launchpad through our application without the traditional login, but are currently limited to a static system name for connection.

I see all kinds of simple code snippets for accessing the application the way it currently works. I am just looking for the best method to implement the use of the @BOBJCLUSTERNAME so that if one of the servers goes down for any reason the cluster can still answer calls.

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Daniel Paulsen
Feb 16 at 05:52 PM

At the very least, you must log onto an individual CMS the first time. After this, the App server (or machine the application is running on) should have the @Clustername stored along with all individual members of the cluster in a properties file.

where the file is created depends on the account that the application is running under.

on Windows, the file is: C:\Users\<username>\.businessobjects\

If this file does not exist on the machine the app is running on, the @Clustername will not work.
the file can be copied across machines if necessary.

If this app runs on several user machines, rather than a web server, then the easiest and probably best practise would be to use Try..Catch to log on. Try the @clustername first, and if that fails, try a fixed servername or IP to create the properties file for the very first logon. @Clustername should work from that point on.


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Denis Konovalov
Oct 10, 2017 at 07:00 PM

It all depends on how exactly your users are accessing BOE and why you're using static system name instead of @cluster

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This a new installation prior to GoLive. The static IP is what was used with XI 3.1 but we are looking to move to the "@CLUSTER" to account for potential server crashes.

Our organization uses a custom Java application in which a link is used to access BOBJ. That link uses the API to perform the tokenized login to the launchpad so the users will never see the login page.

We have been facing an issue with intermittent connectability in our initial attempts to just substitute the "@CLUSTER" parameter.


Have you looked at dev guides here :


Can you provide more details on what link and how exactly you login to the system ?

Tim Ziemba
Feb 19 at 03:15 PM

In launchpad the system name can be set in the properties file cms.default=CMSname or clustername but if you are using custom code you are probably bypassing the properties files.

Setup of the might help in the BI administration tag, but again if using SDK that too might be bypassed

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