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Nov 14, 2007 at 01:41 AM

Confirmation of operation in MO


Dear PM Guys,

During confirmation of operation through IW41 or IW42,my client wants the time

like lunch,tea,shift change also to me entered for a particular operation.

My suggestion is enter the correct time spent for work in ACTUAL WORK and enter the time taken from start to end in ACTUAL DURATION(ACTUAL WORK+TIME SPENT DUE TO LUNCH,TEA ETC).

Eg operation-1 Actual Work=30 hours

Actual duration=34 hours

(4hours for lunch,tea,change of shift etc)

Is it correct or any other Good Option is there.

Moreover in the same screen(IW41or IW42),if I enter Work starts on and Work Ends on fields why the total hours between this is not automatically appearing in the Actual Duration field.

Pl guide me.