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Nov 08, 2007 at 11:43 AM

NW CE SR3 - Installation


Hi All,

My SR3 installation is currently in progress and i am phase 21 currently. Till now it is going on smoothly. Hopefully it will finish in success.

However i do have some feedback.

1. The installation UI has been reverted to the old one. I used to like the new UI which was available with SP1. I am not sure how others feel about this. Was there any specific reason for this old style installation UI.

2. While installation, the installation program dumps a lot of files on desktop. These files are some control files i guess. But they are too many and currently my desktop is full with these files. I hope the program deletes these after completion.I must admit that i didnt read any installation guides before so i may have missed some step which makes all files to be dumped elsewhere.

3. There is no description as to what each phase is doing. At times this may be useful to understand what action is being performed.

4. I had deselected start application server and yet it started at phase 30.