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How do I add KNC1 table to projection/calculation view in SAP Hana Studio Modeler?

Sep 26, 2017 at 08:29 PM


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When I am in my calculation view I click on the "+" in a Projection and try to add the KNC1 table. The table name shows up when I run the search but when I try to add it nothing happens. Is the KNC1 table some sort of a virtual or runtime object? How can I add it??

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Can you show a screenshot of that case? Are the options to add the table not activated or what you mean with nothing happens? Have you tried to add the table to the calc. view via the web-based dev workbench (sometimes the HANA Studio has some not "predictable" behaviors :))?



Florian Pfeffer please see the attached screenshots. The 1st screenshot shows the KNC1 table name showing up in my search. However after i try to add it to my projection nothing happens as shown in the 2nd screenshot.



knc1-1.jpg (132.2 kB)
knc1-2.jpg (114.5 kB)

I had similiar issues in the past. They could be solved by either closing and reopening the view before editing and if it did not work in the HANA Studio it needed to be done in the HANA web based development workbench.

But before doing that, please check if you have the latest HANA Studio (or HANA tools) installed. Maybe the issue is fixed with a newer version, if you are not using the latest one.


Closing and reopening the view does not help. This needs to be done in Hana Studio. What is the latest version of Hana Studio and how can i check to see if the version I have is the latest or not? As you can see I didn't have this issue when I added the ACDOCA table.


The information you search regarding SAP HANA Studio is described in note 2375176.


I don't seem to have access to the information on the link. Can you copy and paste the information into this conversation? Or can you paste the information in an email to me at


Maybe you should try to get a free S-User to be able to access SAP notes which provides helpful information.

To check the version of the SAP HANA Studio:

    1. In HANA Studio
    2. Click on Help
    3. About SAP HANA Studio
    4. The version information is shown there

    Latest version is 2.3.27 at time of writing this.

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