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Oct 25, 2007 at 07:55 AM

changes in pricing of sales order


Hi all experts, i have a scenario where the sales price of various items are read from material master and then some changes need to made to these prices based on some conditions (like discounts based on quantity, etc.) being satisifed. This changes will reflect in the sales order. My question is:

1. Will IPC routines be used for using the logic to make the changes in price?

2. Once the final price of an item is arrived at, since the sales order needs to be populated with final selling price for each of these items, do I need to define separate condition types for each of the items, so that they are able to store final sales values of each item? In other words, does it mean that if I have 5 items in the sales order, then there should be provision for 5 new condition types in the pricing procedure of the sales order? Or is there some other way out?